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Episode 19 Garry Tonon: The Importance Of Defense In BJJ: The Origin Of Exit The System


Known as the “Slippery Salmon” by his legendary coach John Danaher: Garry Tonon talks about his own origin story, his beginnings in grappling and how mastering the lost art of defense in has led him to becoming fearless on the mat.  

Ep 17 Adam Wardzinski Mastering the Butterfly Sweep & More

Adam Wardziński is a Polish grappler and black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu under AlanFinfou” do Nascimento. Adam stops by the podcast to discuss Mastering the Butterfly Sweep & much more.


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BJJ Fanatics was started by a pair of black belts (Bernardo Faria & Michael Zenga) who feel that nothing is more important than improving your BJJ skills as much as possible in the least amount of time.  Their aim was to create a shop for BJJ Students who don’t look at BJJ as a sport – but as a lifestyle.


Website: http://bjjfanatics.com


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Ep 15 BJJ Over 40 With Steve Whittier

On this episode, Steve Whittier of Straight Blast Gym, East Coast stops by the podcast to discuss success at BJJ over 40.