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Episode 38 – The Geometry of BJJ & Training In Brazil With The Best In The World with Jason Hunt

We talk to Jason Hunt about his time learning in Brazil, his start in Judo, how he thinks of guard passing in a geometrical way, how he started his own academy with Kenny Florian, why he prefers teaching concepts to moves, what it was like learning BJJ in the 1990’s, training and working with Romulo Barral, Gabriel Arges, Edwin Najmi, and more!

You can find Jason’s series here. To learn more great Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques, visit https://www.bjjfanatics.com.
BJJ Fanatics was started by a pair of black belts (Bernardo Faria & Michael Zenga) who feel that nothing is more important than improving your BJJ skills as much as possible in the least amount of time.  Their aim was to create a shop for BJJ Students who don’t look at BJJ as a sport – but as a lifestyle.