Monthly Archives: November 2019

Episode 26 : Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes – Winning The ADCC

As a 36 year old “Old Guy” against the toughest guys on earth – 15 years younger than him.
Tanquinho shares some of his life in Jiu Jitsu and his philosophies which have allowed him to have incredible success at a time when most have retired.

Episode 25 : Andre Galvao “The Most Important Thing To Know To Get Good At BJJ”

6x World Champ & 6x ADCC Champ Andre Galvao talks about his secrets to success for himself and his team & also the most important factor in Jiu Jitsu


Episode 24 : Fabio Gurgel “Building The Most Successful Team In History – Through Consistency”

4x World Champ as a competitor & 12x Team Champ Coach At The World Championships – Alliance Founder & “General” Fabio Gurgel talks about his philosophies on competing and coaching BJJ for competitors and everyday athletes

Episode 22 : Gordon Ryan ” My Evolution Is Your Revolution “

Gordon Ryan talks about his ADCC Double Gold Performance and about his new instructional video ” My Evolution is Your Revolution”.

BJJ Fanatics Podcast Episode 21 : “Buchecha”

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida is one of the most successful BJJ athletes ever. BJJ Fanatics talks with him in this podcast about his career and his guard pass.

Episode 20 Matheus Diniz: Breaking Through


The 2019 ADCC Champ at 88 KG discusses his life in BJJ, the influence of his coach Marcelo Garcia and how he got over the hump in 2019 for his first major world title as a Black Belt.

Episode 19 Garry Tonon: The Importance Of Defense In BJJ: The Origin Of Exit The System


Known as the “Slippery Salmon” by his legendary coach John Danaher: Garry Tonon talks about his own origin story, his beginnings in grappling and how mastering the lost art of defense in has led him to becoming fearless on the mat.